#Together We Support Development. 

I have done my internship in a association named Together We Support Development : ESDEV. I went during 2 months between the 1 of may and 31 of June 2019 in Togo to carry out a humanitarian mission. The purpose of my mission was to help and develop income-generating activities in Togo.


Intervention areas

Biodiversity protection

ESDEV organized environmental missions to preserve degraded ecosystems. For instance: 
- Reforesting deforested areas
- Promoting in schools awareness of the degradation of ecosystems
- Construction in 2017 of 5 ecological latrines for the village of Zogbépimé.

Medical assistance and prevention

The association offer missions in the fields of general medicine, physiotherapy.. But also the promotion of campaigns against sexually transmitted diseases in dispensers and schools.

Journalism internship

In order to make Africa known to the western world and break with clichés of poverty, wars.. is one of their priorities. For instance they maked short report of a cassava seller from a village.

Assistance in the development of generating activity

It was our mission with Constantin, I will explain it in more details in the following articles.








1 M

Way to make it better


My Experience

It is one of the most widely consumed foods in sub-Saharan Africa due to its diversity of processing and easy cultivation on both generous and infertile soils : the cassava floor. It 's production is the main source of income for the women of Zogpébimé. Bellow some pictures of each step of the production process which lasts about 1 day....

We managed to collect the amount initially set of 1037 € and have distributed all counterparties to every participants. Thanks to them, today the women of the collective of Zogbépimé will received a new machine. It will allow them to work in better conditions and reduced their production cost.

ESDEV communication was also one of the main purpose of my mission. Communication is a fundamental tool especially for an association. We needed to be known firstly for our crowdfunding campaign because when people were interesting to make a donation it was important for them to see who we are and who they are going to help. Secondly for...

Sodabi, this very famous spirit in the west africain region does not have a healthy reputation. Only a limited number of craftsmens know about it's manufacturer in discreet area.


Have a look to the crowdfunding platform I had created 


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